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If it is not clear, I am reworking my pages, and this is the remains of my home page. This all started with an automated page generator. So as you might expect it is a bit of a hodgepodge. So here we go:

My high-school yearbook picture

This is me after the Ph.D.

Some say education is good for you,
but I am not sure.

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Links of the minute
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Hey! some new content, of a kind.

For those without too many PC hang ups, this is beyond belief: The Creation Science Fair.
I have a strange fascination with "Hoax" pages an excellent examples of one is Boilerplate.
Not that it is a hoax page but a page about an amazing hoax, The Keely Engine .

Here are a pair of Star Trek related sites that I have to pass on:
Build you own Starship crew at: Star Trek Crew Replicator
And see how things size up at:

Who knew Legoland was so interesting? No wonder one can play with them for so long. I still have piles around to play with.
For more information on this photo go to
Sorry Mr. Escher .

Auto stuff generated by UI's started kit: (Hey! you got to start somewhere.)
My home town is Moscow , But I was born in Freeport Ill.
If I was stuck at a small-town bus station for the afternoon, and I could have only a book by my favorite author, one CD/cassette to listen to, and one bottle of my favorite beverage, I'd be reading Feynman , listening to The Shaggs, or The Woggles, and drinking Ice Tea.

I have no knowledge of HTML so I am totally hacking this page. Latter I expect Tony to teach me how to work it, with style!

Links of the minute
About internal stuff

Hey Victorian Science Fiction people, and others, check out the history of man's view of Mars.

O.K. Netscape fix the problem with my account, so write me at either: or, like DyeHard everywhere!.

Wow! who would have guessed that smelt was so good, check out The Smeltmelt Grille.

Check me out at: Bryan at work .

An Old interest that will not die. Playing with little army men.
Here is some of my toys in the form of The Victorian Science Fiction Page.
Or you can go to Model Gallery Page.

I am starting a new project, LINKA and LINK-A-LIKE.
What is that you may ask, just go to my LINKA links.

This is what hard living can lead to: the Bare eye, my pet fan page.

For those interested in moving to Moscow Idaho, I dedicate, The Idaho Squalor Home Page.

And if you liked The Shaggs you should check out this new trends in music, Herbal T .

If all this is appealing to you, you should subscribe to this new Magazine, Street, The Style Guide for the UrbanOutdoorsmen.

One of my interests is Victorian Science Fiction. And you can find some excellent examples of it at Boilerplate.
This leads out of my interest in toys of a kind, see My Favorite Read.

If you would like to send me e-mail, my address is


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