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Photos from the CD's jacket

I wanted to make sure all of you were acquainted with a new CD release, Herbal T's "Organic Free Range". Herbal T is already being celebrated as the avant garde of suburban new age folk rap music. Unfortunately, there were problems at the production facility and all of the CDs were pressed with the learn-at-home CD, "It's Fun to Learn Serbo-Croatian". However, in order to be considered for this year's music awards, the label (Herbal T's own self-promoted label) decided to go ahead and release the liner notes. No plans to release the music have been made public. In addition to the liner notes, Herbal T's press clippings have been included. If you are not interested in the further career of Herbal T, America's premier suburban new age folk rap blues artist, please let me know and I'll make sure you don't see anything more on the subject, at least until Herbal T is on the cover of Time magazine.
Background on the Herbal T experience

Liner notes of "organics free range"

tracks from Herbal T's latest album "Evil Empire" are now available free on mp3.com. Just when you thought it was safe to go on the internet... As an extra-added bonus, tracks from Herbal T's debut album, "Organic Free Range" (the original lost album that was overwritten with "It's Fun to Learn Serbo-Croatian") are also available.

Check out the URL below: Here is a link to so MP3's of Herbal T

or try this: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/393/herbal_t.html

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