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This is a brief history and gallery of some of the musical instruments I have played with.

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Full Hollow Body Guitars

    Gibson ES 125-T Thinline
    Gibson Thinline
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        A very simple single P-90 pickup guitar.
        No cut away, floating bridge and trapeze style tail piece

    Harmony Full Hollow Body, Single Pickup
    Harmony Full Hollow Body
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        With small surface mount pickup, this guitar is small on volume but big on tone.

    Harmony Full Hollow Guitar
    Harmony Full Body Arch Top Electric
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    Unknown Full Hollow Body Guitar
    An Unknown Full Hollow Body
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    Guytone Thinline
    Guyatone Thinline
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        With two P-90 type pickups, three control knobs and funky dual cutaways this guitar draws from both Gibson and Gretsch for inspiration.

    Greco Thinline
    Greco Thinline
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        With two narrow single coil pickups, extra selector switch, tremolo and funky F-holes this Greco copy of a Gibson ES 335 is all you could want in a 60s import.

    Gretsch Convertible
    Greco Thinline
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        The Gretsch Convertible started with one toaster style pickup, but was further converted with Gibson P-90s.

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