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I was set some very nice photos of a VSF landship, so I thought I would share it we other VSF fans.

Meyer's VSF Works New
28mm Landship
28mm Walker
28mm War Tank

Meyer's 28mm VSF Creations

Ajax Landship

Meyer wrote: "I had some off cuts of plywood left over from a job on my boat that screamed out to be turned into a landship! so the main hull and tracks are timber with index card plating , the rivets are embossed with a pouncing wheel,, the conning tower and gun turret are a piece of 22mm pipe and the end of a pipe fitting, oh yes the stacks are inverted syringes with water pipe metal inserts in them for the stack "crown", the bridge and doors and shutters are made from plasticard with paper staples tor handles.The steering wheel is from the spares box (from a jeep I think) I'm really enjoying this building, and the laughable bit is I don't even game! I'm a figure painter heres a link to my site: Meyer's Page ".

DyeHard adds: As this is in 28mm scale, this is a real monster of a landship. Now that is building on a grand scale.

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Biped Walker

This is one of the best designs for a walker I have seen. I will have to try one in 15mm.

War Tank

Very nice landship is the WWI tank style. The rust effect is nice as well. The deck and the large water tank on top really adds to the VSF feel.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.