Victorian Science Fiction: How I Build Them

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Victorian Science Fiction: How To Build a Master

I had several of the six leg walkers, so to save work I thought I would cast copies of the pilot house I planned on mounting on top of each.
To see more about the making of the six leg walker you can check it out the six leg walker page.

In order to make a mold and castings, you first need a master to copy.

The Pilot House:
The Basic House
I decided to add a pilot house to allow the commander of the walker a better view then would be allowed through the front portholes. Finding an appropriately size piece of wood, I sanded and sealed the wood. A paper punch was use to create small hatches for the windows. I enhance the model, I decided to add some rivets to the pilot house. The first step is to drill small holes where the rivets will be.

Adding Rivets to House:
Holes Drilled
Using a pin vice and a very fine drill, I drill a sequence holes spaced to match where I want rivets. The soft wood makes this very easy.

Adding "Glue in" Rivets:
Materials Needed
Here are the things you will need. Some small round objects to act as rivets. I found these "Tiny Glass Marbles" in a craft store in the jewelry making section. I have been told that by cutting open a water purification cartage one can obtain millions of tiny balls of the exchange resin used to filter the water. Super glue is very desirable as it bonds well without leaving a large glob of glue. A very fine tweezers and good lighting are also a must. A very steady hand is also a big help.

Adding "Glue in" Rivets II:
Pilot Front
The glue is placed in three or four holes at a time and the small beads placed and pressed into place.

Adding "Glue in" Rivets III:
Pilot House Back
The pattern used is up to you, but I find the even just a few rivets can enhance the look of a toy being converted into a VSF machine. Once finished, I gave the pilot house a quick coat of white primer.

The Resulting Master:
Master Pilot House
To see the use of this master you should return to the casting page .

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.