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VSF can place European armies in many exotic locals or simply give them technologies they did not have in history.

Victorian Science Fiction Battles I wargame in 15mm, the approximate height of a typical human in this scale. Unlike fine scale modeling, the exact definition of scale has some leeway as the artistry of the figures and the means to reproduce them is not conducive to reactive scale ratios. A working definition of about 1/100 is what I go by, but I often work in models from 1/120 to 1/96 scale.

Jungle War
Battles in the Farmlands
Actions on Mars

Jungle Warfare

With the completion of some Jungle Terrain I thought I would take a few photos for fun.

I just set up a quick photo shoot. Here we see some butcher paper with the newly made trees and some older terrain bases I recently found. I thought some German s might look good crawling through my little jungle.

Penetrating deep into the wild jungle the German Expeditionary force try to maintain a proper column while the Seebattalion brake into open order to better patrol the trails edge.

Being careful to flush out any danger from the undergrowth the men of the Seebattalion must also take great care to maintain contact with both their fellows and the main column.

A native hut appears in an opening and a quick rush is taken to secure it

The entire column rushes forward in strength, but it is left to the men of the Seebattalion to undertake the most dangerous action of entering a strange structure.

Some elements fan out to explore the expanse of the opening.

While the bravest push through the hut's entryway. Once secured the hut can be safely bypassed by the main force.

Then it is back into the bush!

The column makes its way to the stranded Land Titan. And repairs are undertaken

Despite being a tempting prise for the enemy the Titan also reassures the troops in its presence.

With repair completed the Titan leads the way, imparting a sense of invincibility among the fellows.

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Battles in the Farmlands

I think this credit card size field works well in suggesting an agricultural area. I show how it was made on the Terrain page.

Battles head on
The scale of the crops is clearer in this photo of a column of Her Majesty’s 1st Chinese Regiment moving past the maze field.

Not so fantastic steam tractor pulls a gun. Royal Marines march in support.

The engine is a steamroller from the Thomas Tank Engine toy line. George had to loose his face and most of his front roller.

With "George" doing the hard work the troops are making good time.

The paper model of the Hornet. It looked more French then Australian to Me.

The French Marines with their Annamite support are happy to have a massive Landship to break any resistance.

You can see the exhausts of the internal explosion engine use in this model. I will use a pair of smoke stacks on the next one.

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Battles on Mars

Here are a sequence of shots of the over-running of a fortified Martian position by French Foreign Legion supported by Landships and other units.

Note the slightly older steam powered Landship with the pair of smoke stacks.

The wild mix of unit types is one of the appeals of a VSF wargame.

Despite the massive forts the Martians have fled from the onslaught of the Landships.

The French sweep past the massive Martian monoliths.

The Senegalese seize the objective.

Senegalese Tirailleurs raise the colours on the Martian outpost.

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For more model and figure images check out Major General's. and THE AFRIBORIAN CAMPAIGN.

The real reason for the uneven fight is that I have not yet painted up my Martians. To head back to the VSF home page just click on The VSF Home Page.
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I hope to add some pages on these forces in the future.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.