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15mm Victorian Era Miniature Ranges1



Catalog Notes


Alphacast2 - GWI Greeks
- GWI Turks
- GWI Egyptians
- GWI Albanians
- Balkan wars
The Virtual Armchair General distributes Alphacast in the USA. Greek War of Independence (GWI) covered was in 1821-1829. The Balkan war are from just before the First World War in 1912-1913.
Brigade Games - Gaslight Brigade Games has expanded their Gaslight miniatures into 15mm scale. The first set of figures is an adventurers pack, photos can be found on Brigade's web site.
Cannon Fodder Miniatures  New - AUSTRIAN ARMY 1866 15mm "BLUT UND EISEN" line "As a guide to size. I based the height of my figures on AB minis but my minis are lighter of frame and would probably not look out of place with or near any but the smallest of 15mm." P.O. BOX 786, BENDIGO, 3552, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA Cannon Fodder's E-mail.
Cellmate - Boxer Rebellion Cellmate Miniatures are "drop-cast" figures, and are sold singly. Several photos of the figures are available on their web site.
Dixon Miniatures - Indian Mutiny In the U.S., distribution is handled by Wargames. Dixon's own online catalog has a list for the range.
East Riding Miniatures - Egyptian Dhow
- Chinese Junk
- Ship Fittings
In addition to distributing Grumpy's Miniatures, ERM produces a nice line of resin ships (with more colonial ships planned).
Essex - Sudan/Egypt
- Zulu War
- Franco-Prussian War
Essex's online catalog has separate Sudan, Zulu and Franco-Prussian lists. North American distribution is also handled by Wargames.
Eureka Miniatures  New - Abyssinians Be sure to check out the Club 300 list for proposals for several other Victorian era custom figures from Eureka.
Falcon Figures (UK) - Imperial Chinese
- Meiji Japanese
A list is maintained by the North American distributor, The Quartermaster.
Fantassin Miniatures - 1st Carlist War
- Spanish American War
Fantassin Miniatures are large 15s. Their web site has lists (in Spanish) and some photos of the Carlist War and Spanish-American War lines. The miniatures are carried in the US by Historical Collectibles Associates
Feudal Castings -American Civil War
-Sikh Wars/Indian Mutiny
-1850 Danish
-1859 Austrians
-1859 Piedmontese
-World War I
-Ethiopian Axumites2
The online catalog also has distribution information.
Avalible in the USA through Rampant Lion .
Frei Korps - mid-19th C. European
- maximillian Adventure
- Indian/Pony Wars
- Early (Moghul) India
- Spanish-American War
- WWI Middle East
Freikorps has scanned their printed catalog for the web. The pages of interest are: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.
Frontier - Boxer Rebellion
- Indian/Pony Wars
- Franco-Prussian War
- Spanish-American War
Defunct? Web pages still up at: Haus of Stuff manufactures and distributes these figures. UK Frontier Miniatures 15mm Miniatures but now owned by
Tactical Edge Hms Inc.
90 Spirit Lake Rd
Winter Haven, FL
Phone (863) 401-8221
Gallia Miniatures - Zulu War
- Boer Wars
- Sudan War
- Afghans
- Indian Army
- Gurkhas
Distributed by Warrior Miniatures. They maintain a list.
Gladiator Games - Abyssinians
- Russian Colonial
- Zulu War
- Sudan War
The 15mm catalog has a listing of the colonial ranges. US customers can now order direct from Gladiator.
Grumpy's Miniatures2 - Afghans
- Cossacks
- Indonesian/Malay
East Riding Miniatures distributes Grumpy's in Europe and maintains a catalog with photos. For customers outside of Europe check our Eureka Miniatures.
Hovels Ltd. - Pony Wars
- Zulu War buildings
- Middle Eastern
Hovels has a line of Pony Wars miniatures as well as sets of structures for Rorke's Drift and Middle Eastern battles.
Irregular Miniatures - Boxer Rebellion
- Zulu War
- Sudan War
- Northwest Frontier
- Boer War
- French Foreign Legion
- Masai
- Maori
- Burmese
- Abyssinian
- Ashanti
- Indian/Pony Wars
These figures are distributed by Silver Eagle in the U.S. There are listings for the colonial 15s and pony wars ranges. Size
JR Miniatures - French Colonial buildings
- Central Asian buildings
- Zulu War buildings
- Western buildings
JR Miniatures are also distributed by GeoHex. The JR web site has line drawings of each building.
Kennington Miniatures - Imperial Chinese Kennington is now merged with Mayhem Miniatures. They don't have a web site as yet but can be contacted via e-mail at
Lancashire Games - Boxers
- British
- Gurkha
- Sikh
- Sudanese
- Zulu
- Russo-Turkish War
The online catalog has a listing of the colonial figures.
Merrimack Miniatures - Colonial Gunboat
- Paddlewheel Steamer
Manufactured and distributed by J & T Miniatures, their web site has a picture of the gunboat.
Military Miniatures of New Zealand - Maori Wars Military Miniatures was acquired by Crusader Distributors, Ltd., manufacturer of the BattleFront Miniatures line of 15mm WWII figures. There is no online catalog of the colonial figures.
MiniFigs - Brits
- Sudanese
- Egyptians
- Boers
- Zulus
- Arabs
- Pathans
- French Foreign Legion
- Franco-Prussian War
- Western, Cowboys, Indians
- Crimean War
MiniFigs are now manufactured by Game Figures, Inc. in the U.S. In the U.K see Miniature Figures Productions with some additional listings.
Musket Miniatures - Rorke's Drift Musket Miniatures maintains a listing (with pictures) of its complete set of structures for Rorke's Drift.
My Miniatures - Maori
- Inuit2
My Miniatures maintains a gallery with pictures of painted figures from several of they lines.
Naismith - Zulu War
- Sudan War
The Naismith lines are distributed by Navwar.
Off the Beaten Path - Royal Marines
- Royal Navy
- Dyaks
- Malays
- Chinese
- European Civilians
_ Paper ships and structures
The London War Room offers the RAJAH BROOKE IN BORNEO listing with pictures of this line. Paper ships and structures are also available for this line from Studio 33 Productions.
Old Glory - Boxer Rebellion
- Zulu War
- Sudan War
- Boer War
- Franco-Prussian War
- Austro-Prussian War
The colonial's are listed separately from the Franco Prussian War ranges. The new Boxer Rebellion line is listed on Grandiosity's web site (as are the 1866 Austrians).Avialable from Old Glory 15s . Photo Size
Outpost Wargame Services - Franco-Prussian War OWS's web page has a listing and gallery for the Franco-Prussian War range.
Peter Pig - Wild West
- Sudan War  New
Range 15 is the company's listing of the Wild West range. These figures are carried by Brookhurst Hobbies in the USA (their list is here).
Rank & File - Russo-Turkish War
- Crimean War
- Franco-Prussian
- mid-19th C. European
Battle Honors U.S.A. (the manufacturer and distributor) maintains a listing of the lines. Avialable from Old Glory 15s .
Stone Mountain Miniatures - British
- French Foreign Legion
- Arabs
- Dervish
- Pathans
- Zulu
Stone Mountain has updated their online catalog! Some photos, and they have included lists for the French and British colonial figure ranges.
Studio 33 Productions
- Colonial Warships In addition to 15mm warships for the "Kris and the Flame", a new line of 15mm Colonial Era miniatures that will be available from The Virtual Armchair General in the Spring of 2004.
Table Top Miniatures - Zulu Wars
- Boxer Rebellion
- Indian Mutiny
- Pony Wars
- Russo-Turkish War
TTG's has a new web site at catalog. The lines are now divided between two fellows.
Tin Soldier - Boer War
- Italian/Abyssinian
These figures are also distributed by Silver Eagle. There are individual listings for the Boer War and Italian Colonial ranges. Size
Touller - French African Colonial This is a small line of colonial era figures from France. I have been told that a French shop, Nervus Belli carries the range and will ship overseas.
Two Dragons - Early British India
- Omdurman
The distributor, Brookhurst Hobbies, maintains a listing of this line.

1.List compiled from Online Miniature Manufacturers Directory and e-mail list.
2.Not strictly colonial, but the ranges easily fit into 19th C. armies.


I pretty much just stole all this info from Joseph R. Boeke's web page.


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