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Now featuring Both Victorian and Edwardian Sci/Fi !

What is Victorian Science Fiction ?

"Victorian Science Fiction",VSF or "Science Romance" are names for alternative histories in which the imaginations of Joules Verne and other creative writers rule.
In these visions, man uses his steam powered technology to explore the world and beyond.

I am hoping this site will act as inspiration and a resource for those fine folks who might want to model or wargame in the Victorian Science Fiction genre. Especially those who want to use 15mm or 18mm scales figures. I find this smaller scale to be very convenient for larger battles, as the war machines are more readily modeled.

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French 15mm VSF troops and a Landship.
Victorian Science Fiction allows one to combine troop types that may never had appeared together in real history.

German 15mm VSF troops move up in a thick jungle.
Victorian Science Fiction allows one to put troops in terrain in which they may never had fought in real history.

15mm VSF Steam Walker moves through the jungles of Venus.
Victorian Science Fiction allows one to field equipment the only lived in the dreams on man.

To see photos of other miniatures (and perhaps other things) go to my Flickr Site. Home

DyeHard's Edwardian Science Fiction

So! What happen when the Martian acess their setbacks and send in a secound wave?

Edwardian Science Fiction Wargame Page

All Quiet on the Martian Front (AQotMF) is a new game genre where the Martian re-invade Earth landing in the Western U.S.A. in 1910.
The armies of Earth have not been standing still in the interviening years, they have developed strange new weapons, some based on Martin wreckage, to fight this secound wave.
Edwardian Science Fiction Wargame Page

I will present my take on this idea at DyeHard's Edwardian Science Fiction

Will we survive the laters Martian terror?

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