Bryan's New look for his Home

Now that it looks like I might have a home, I am looking at improvement.
The styling of the house is very much like all the rest in the area, so here are some of my thoughts on how I might stand out from the rest.
I have two examples of other similarly sized homes that I might want to take ideas from.

The first has an "eyebrow" roofed front porch that I like.

The addition would not be difficult and the curved line is unique in the area.

I like the way the transom reflects the curve of the roof line. The support by two narrow columns is nice and again reflects the narrow lights beside door.
I am thinking of not keeping the door flush with front as in this prototype, but creating a small entry way with the narrow lights as seen here and a curved ceiling to maintain the effect.

The fire wood obscures this a bit. But this is not as pleasing from the side, perhaps the angle it would be most often seen from. See an below for another possibility.

This house introduces curved lines in another way.

Sorry about the photo quality. The roof line here is more conventional, but the ceiling under the porch is a simple curve. This in turn is reflected by the line of the door surround.

The color combination on this home is very nice. Note the accent of structure with color.

Note the support for the roof as seen from the side. These almost look curved in photo, but could quite easily be on my project.

I have not yet been able to bring these two prototype into harmony with my house, and the idea of an entry way. I like then idea of the entry way because this would prevent the need to open up the existing wall to insert the grander front door. The existing door could remain in place or simply be removed. The introduction of a transom or the side light into the existing wall could be very difficult. Go to Bryan's Search for a Home Page.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.