Little Proxie

A quick run down of some of the Hobby or Craft or Wargame items.

Back to whence you came

The Proxie Trencher tank and Roller Tank
with Bluemoon WWI tanks, Gaming Models WWII French tanks
Bluemoon Cowboy, RAFM Inf. and space crew, Old Glory 1880s Brits. Stone Mountian North Africians,
Also a GW Imperial Guard 28mm fig. And a StarWars Droid.

15mm or 18mm figures and a 28mm figure beside the Trencher tank.

Bluemoon Cowboy and RAFM "Jayne Cobb" in front of Trencher tank.
You can see which way my Sci/Fi might be leaning.

Trencher in front of Bluemoon Mark V.

Roller between a Bluemoon AV& and a Gaming Models Frenchy.

Lower angle of above.

Tanks lining up.

Tanks from above.

Attempt for an eye-level shot of the Trencher.

Badly focus shot of Trencher with both 28mm and 15mm figs.

The Roller with support from GW IG 28mm and 15mm figs.

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